Friday, June 22, 2007

EDGE of PARADISE Episode 7


Rita Rita

Margarita Florita Londado, the office girls called her Rita, was Juan Luis' secretary. Her second name, Florita, little flower, was very close to perfect but she preferred Rita. A very smart girl from a good Cuban family, her father sold cars before the revolution and her mother was a school teacher. She was raised more by her grandmother than anyone else. Rita wanted more than anything to be a part of the revolution so she took a job as secretary in the government services pool, a pool of secretaries that moved around in the huge office buildings of the new Cuban government. She worked in many different departments until she came to the departmento de planificacion y construccion, the Department of Planning and Construction which was just taken over by Juan Luis Diega.
Margarita was 22 years old when she started her job as assistant to the architect. She was tall, extraordinarily beautiful, and carried herself in a naturally sexy way. She learned to speak perfect Castillian Spanish and she never used slang or profanity.
Juan Luis found her completely irresistible. He loved his wife more than the air he breathed, and he never thought of leaving her or trading her away for Rita. He was just smitten by Rita and her sexually charged playfulness. Rita had no idea what effect she was having on Juan Luis or any of the other men around her. She was never told about men by her family and she just assumed all the men treated her nice because they were nice men. Everyday after work Rita stopped at a small store to buy an orange soda which she loved so much. The store had a few tables and chairs down in front of the counters. Local men would gather there for cafe cubano, or a beer, and a friendly game of dominoes.
The slapping of the dominoes down on the table could be heard outside, and the closer the game came to a conclusion the harder and louder the men became. After a few beers the men would practically scream and shout at each other. The second Rita walked in, the whole place came to a complete and abrupt stop. The men would take a few moments to watch Rita open her orange soda and put the bottle into her plush mouth and draw out the contents. Rita just liked the cold bubbly rush she got from the soda after a long day at work. She had no idea that she was part of a daily ritual that the local men looked forward to. In their minds Rita was exhibiting her expert abilities and her well honed talents. The muscles in their thighs and buttocks twitched and jumped involuntarily when Rita pulled the last of the orange soda from the bottle without leaving as much as a single drop of the orange gold. She placed the empty bottle in a rack by the door and stepped back out on the calle feeling refreshed. The domino game re-ignited again at its previously belligerent level.
Not long after Margarita began to work for Juan Luis she started to notice feelings she was developing for him. Rita had never had a real boyfriend, she was still at age 22 a virgin. Many of her friends from school were still virgins, it was until now something she rarely thought of, but Juan Luis was in her mind a lot now as the star in a new fantasy everyday. Rita was experiencing an awakening. She had never had daytime fantasies, especially of a married man. Somehow the vivid daydreams of Juan consumed Rita with a sexual fire. One day when no one was around she matter of factually went into Juan Luis' office sat on the front of his desk, propped up her left leg on his chair, reached under her dress and pulled her panties to one side giving Juan luis a view that instantly put him into a rage of passion. Juan jumped up from the desk, locked his door, pulled the blinds, and ripped Rita's hymen loose from its hinges. Juan later told Margarita, that was the single most exciting moment of his life.Rita moved away from Havana in the late 70's and immigrated to Miami. Her only son Andreas sends her money and she lives a very comfortable life with her American husband and beloved cocker spaniel Daisy."