Monday, January 21, 2008

EDGE of PARADISE Episode 10


Antonio opens the little aluminum can that holds a Montec
hristo cigar. The prominent Cuban cigar, many have tried to copy, including Cuban cigar makers who left Cuba for Tampa and Key West in the late 19th Century. Some have come close, but like any other art form, close is not good enough, the original is master. Even today the cigar industry thrives in Cuba and the export market is brisk. It is a traditional Cuban product with world renown and this is why Antonio is pleased to be a major investor in the development of tobacco. Antonio possesses a passion for cigar making that defies logic at times. Antonio clips the perfectly rolled end of his Montechristo and rolls the cigar in his mouth. A great deal of flavor and sensation of cigar smoking is imparted to the lips. He lights the end with a bejeweled slender butane lighter. As Antonio pulls hard on the cigar he sits back in a patio chase lounge and surveys his kingdom. The sun is low in the sky and Luz Marie and Lucinda are still laying in their pool chairs enjoying what is left of the long Caribbean day. The cell phone that Antonio constantly keeps with him rings. Luz Marie and Lucinda don't even look up, it's the thirteenth time it rang today. Antonio lives on the phone. "Al-low," Antonio says as he hits the send button. "Ah - Senior Masheed, I'm glad you called, I have a request. Can we move up our plans. I would like to travel to Miami in a few days.""Yes, certainly," Masheed responds. "As a matter of fact we have had exceptional luck in acquiring aircraft." "Excellente, Commander. So I expect to see you soon." Antonio presses the end button on his phone. He walks over to the shallow end of the pool and dives under the water coming up between Luz Marie and Lucinda's pool chairs. Antonio's relationship with Luz Marie and Lucinda would be considered nothing short of incredible with almost any North American. Antonio loves the company of women, not only for the sex but for the companionship. He spent a lot of
time in Miami going to college at the University of Miami, working toward an M.B.A., which he never finished. He settled for a B.A. in Business Administration. A big factor in his education was his love life, he spent a great deal of his time pursuing American girls. Antonio discovered early on that they were predisposed to complete ownership. Their motto, my way or the highway. Being brought up in Cuba, a Latin male dominated society, Antonio couldn't stomach the gringo women's behavior and quickly found no desire to have any kind of lasting relationship with one. This didn't stop him from loving them and leaving them, however, with many a wasted day and night in the arms of a Norte Americana gringo.When Antonio returned to Cuba and later to Casas del Joven he set out to find a Cuban playmate. Antonio visited the tourist hotel bars in Havana hoping to find a girlfriend where he bought a lot of drinks and danced a lot of salsas. It wasn't until he visited his old neighborhood where he and his mother and father lived that he met Luz Marie and Lucinda. Parched from the afternoon sun Antonio stopped for a soda in a small restaurant bar near his old stomping grounds. Luz Marie and Lucinda were sitting at the bar laughing and carrying on with the girl tending bar. They were all friends from the neighborhood. They were ten years younger than Antonio so they didn't recognize him or remember him. Antonio sat at the bar and ordered a beer. The girl behind the bar was giving Luz Marie and Lucinda free sodas. Antonio found the girls charming and animated, he particularly found Luz Marie attractive so he offered them a beer. They were surprised because no one had enough money for beer. The same amount could buy a whole meal. Antonio rarely thought about the abject poverty his fellow countrymen lived under. He had lived a privileged life and now was more successful than his father ever was, even if the major portion of his money was from being a gangster in the drug trade. Antonio only thought of himself as a businessman. He was trained and schooled in business and now plied his trade. He enjoyed favor with pillars of the Government due to his father and could come and go as he pleased on a diplomatic passport provided for life by his father's friends. Luz Marie and Lucinda warmed up to Antonio after a couple of beers, moving a few bar stools closer. They talked for hours about the hardships of Havana life and the monotony of working for no pay. Antonio invited the girls to visit him at his estate for a kind of queen for a day experience. He told them not to bring anything, and he would have them back after the weekend. The girls jumped at the lifetime opportunity. They all flew back to Isle de Joven on a small charter plane, and when the girls arrived at the casa they were stunned, having difficulty believing Antonio could live in such a wonderful place. The contrast between their little run-down apartment with no hot water and this mansion was hard even for Antonio to grasp. Their reaction humbled Antonio and touched him in a way he would never forget. This emotion coupled with his raw sexual attraction to Luz Marie made for a powerful cocktail. Antonio hadn't been with a woman for months at this time due to business and working on the estate, it had been too hectic and there were just no women in his circle of confidants. Luz Marie and Lucinda were just peasant girls from his own home neighborhood, they put on no airs and could be trusted completely. They weren't jaded with success, money, and power and had a true sense of appreciation for things Antonio often took for granted. Luz Marie immediately grasped the situation though, she could tell Antonio wanted her and she saw the elements for a lucrative deal in play. Luz Marie and Lucinda were close friends for years, like sisters really, and Luz Marie was protective of Lucinda. Luz Marie went to work and by the second night at the estate had a plan. She and Lucinda intended to bed Antonio that night and make love to him so passionately he wouldn't be able to let them go.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

EDGE of PARADISE Episode 9



Tyler is really curious now, "girls who like girls? You mean lesbians?" "Yea Exactly, clam bumpers, lappers, smackers, camel toe jockeys,” Vicki exclaims. “ I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body," claims Bill with a smile. Vicki and Tyler just look at Bill. "Get it?" asks Bill. "I've spoken to hotel concierge and bartenders that have been asked by Diega to recruit lesbians for his parties over on South Beach. Apparently this guys likes lipstick lesbians, I mean really likes them, and he has an insatiable sexual appetite." "Ok," Tyler says in his best administrative voice. "Let's meet back here, what?...tomorrow first thing. Will that give you enough time miss? Mrs....Ms...." Vicki can see Tyler is struggling with the appropriate prefix. "Ms. Douglas," Vicki, snaps. "That's fine, everything is on my hard drive. I can be ready by then. The side streets running adjacent to Ocean Drive are home to an eccentric jumble of upper tier clothing stores and mom and pop cafes. Also within this neighborhood reside small private hotels where the old and newly immigrated dwell. The well maintained art deco era hotels add color, not only from their bright pastel paint work and neon trim, but also from their residents. Every color, creed and religion have adopted the old hotels as their home. Vicki Douglas is seated at a small table just out front of Don Veracruz, a trendy bistro just off Washington Avenue, one block West of Ocean Drive. Vicki is chatting with an attractive blonde. Donna Meyer is having a cafe con leche, a Cuban standby made with rich cafe cubano and steamed milk. Donna puts five sugar cubes into the mix for a sugar buzz. Vicki drinks her cafe con leche straight. Donna is close to Vicki's age and is a classic blue- eyed blonde beach bunny, from La Jolla, California who moved to Miami six years ago as a Junior Investigator at the Justice Department. "Donna, we've been up to our asses in alligators over at the U.S. Attorney's office. How's old Bill Tanna anyway?,” Donna asked. "That Dog," Vicki laughs, "he's Bill, of all people you should know, Donna." " I should, I worked for him long enough and then we had that thing.""That's why you left isn't it?” Vicki pried. "Mostly, I guess, I'd hoped Bill and I were going somewhere, but he turned out to be another asshole in a long line of assholes." "So, how's things over at the F.T.C.?" Vicki asks, changing the subject. "Nice and quiet, just attorneys and white collar perps." "You know the cops that were killed?" Vicki puts her hand on Donnas' arm as she asked the question. "Yea, isn't it terrible." "It's my case, and tomorrow I'm presenting an undercover op to Bill and some hot shot from the N.R.O."
"N.R.O. what the hell is that?" Donna quizzes. "National Reconnaissance Office. They control all the spy satellites and U.S. Global communication and surveillance equipment. They're very powerful and have extensive resources including access to the President." "Do they think there's been a National Security breech?" Donna asks as she moves to the edge of her seat. "Actually they do. I don't. I think its a Cuban drug dealer I've been compiling data on for years. The killers left a CD-ROM behind and among other things it demands that law enforcement stay out of the drug selling business. It seems some corrupt senators were taking money for protecting drug routes into this area, and some ambitious Coast Guard and D.E.A. officials were boarding drug boats, confiscating the coke, and reselling it. All the while the Senators were covering the tracks. Double-dipping....greedy bastards."
"Wow! Vicki, no wonder all of Washington has come down to Miami, and this is your case. Wow." Donna shakes her fingers on her right hand in a gesture she picked up from her Latin friends that means holy moley in body language. "Donna, I know I can catch this guy, but I need your help." "I haven't worked undercover for a couple of years, girl." "I know, but we can stop this duck before he kills again." "Can you clear it with my boss? "Done," Vicki snaps. "OK, I guess I'm in, what's the plan?" Donna asks. Vicki's eyes light-up, "Remember General Norolla?" "Oh no-not another one of them." "Yes - meet me in my office in the morning and we'll go over the file. I've got to get back." Vicki grabs Donna's hand in a long hand shake. "Thank you, Donna - I know this could be awkward for you."

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

EDGE of PARADISE Episode 8


"Andreas, did you see the news from the states?" asks Antonio. "Yes, I did," Andreas responds abruptly. "And...what did you think," asked Antonio, trying to pull some conservation from Andreas. After a silent moment Andreas speaks. "Antonio, we have known each other since we were boys running in the streets of Havana. Even before we knew we were half-brothers we were working the streets. And I, my brother, have always looked up to you".....Andreas pauses...."What? Como que hermano?" asks Antonio. "Please let me say this.....You are a natural born leader, you are incredibly intelligent.....but....Antonio" Andreas makes a hail Mary cross and kisses the back of his thumb. "Those poor innocent men, they had families.....children. I know in the past we have had to do things to protect our business. Things.....unspeakable things....but we were dealing with banditos, competitors. Antonio, these are American policemen.....gringo lawmen. They will not take it laying down. You know how they are. I'm concerned for you, for me, and for the business." Antonio puts his arm around Andreas' neck in an effort to comfort him, but Andreas is resistant and pulls away. "Andreas, escuchar,.....listen, have I ever endangered us or the business. Have I ever done anything without endless consideration?" "No, Antonio, you have not, that's why I have dedicated my life to our business, that's why I've walked into rooms full of pistoleros with you, and never let a moment of fear cross my mind. Antonio, por favor, think very long and clearly before you move against the gringos again." 'Thank you Andreas; you always keep me in perspective, listen can we talk about something infinitely more interesting." " And what's that," Andreas asks. "You're going to Miami for that electronics show next week, right." "Yes, so?" "I'm getting tired of these Latina girls. Would you look out for some gringo girls while you're in Miami? You know what I like. Invite them down here to the island, or I can come up to Miami and stay in the condo on South Beach." "I will look for girls if you promise me you will think about what I said and talk to me before any more crazy business mi hermano loco."

Black hearses and black limousines line the narrow streets of the Coral Valley Cemet
ery in West Miami. A crowd is gathered for services, a number of news cameras are on hand for the dramatic edge a funeral adds to a nightly report. If edited properly the solemn activities can give old overused footage new zeal. A small crowd is assembled around six mahogany caskets covered with American flags. The wives, children ,and families of the six slain police officers are standing silently as Father Mathis from Santo Espiritu Catholic Church in Hallendale is saying a few words. "Beloved - these men laid down their lives that we might have a better life, a safer life. They knew the risks that were inherent in their work. Yet they looked beyond the dangers. Jesus told us in the Gospel; no greater gift a man has than to lay down his life for another. No greater gift. These men gave us the greatest gift they had to give. These men laid here to rest today surely have given the greatest gift to this community. Father, we know you have received these young men's souls and they are now at your side in paradise. God bless their souls and may God bless their loved ones who have been left behind, and may the comfort of peace be with them during their time of mourning. In Jesus' name we pray Father, Amen. " Seven police officers in dress uniforms hold rifles to the sky and present a 21 gun salute to their fallen comrades in arms. American flags that covered the six coffins are folded into the regulation triangle by four officers and presented to the widows and family members by the Chief of Police. Rusty Tyler and Bill Tanna are standing in the officials area just behind the tent covering the grave sites. Bill and Rusty are speaking in hushed tones as the service is ending. "We have some suspects. I would like for you to take a look at them when we get back to the office," suggested Bill, hoping Rusty would be impressed. "Good, I want to move on this quickly. I am concerned that these businessmen as they call themselves could be planning another attack. Another shot at us would be within standard strategic operandi." As the two men are walking out of the service with the others who are leaving Bill is surprised Rusty didn't find his speed in developing suspects impressive. Just like the old days, no matter what you do for Rusty he never appreciates it. Bill begins to remember all too clearly how indifferent Tyler was about everything. As Rusty and Bill enter their office lobby they both pass by the front desk and retrieve their messages. Bill has a couple, but Tyler is handed a large stack. This is somewhat irritating to Bill because this is his department and he has always known what is going on, but clearly here's a guy who has taken over and Bill knows nothing about him or what he's up to. Bill and Rusty walk on back to Bill’s office. A very well appointed office, nice view above average furniture, but still sparse compared with Rusty's office in Washington. Officials in the N.R.O. are treated like executives of a major corporation rather than a mere civil servant and Rusty loved that, it gave him a sense of confidence and importance. Perhaps that's what Rusty's boss had in mind. Bill Tanna was already starting to be annoyed by Rusty's big shot Washington demeanor and he was checking himself. Maybe it's a North-South thing he told himself, but what ever it was, it didn't sit well. A knock at the office door shocked Bill and Rusty back to the here and now. A beautiful woman is standing at the door with a stack of file folders in one hand. She is thirty something and has auburn hair, green eyes, porcelain white skin, with a few well placed freckles over her nose. Rusty is transfixed. He doesn't want to be impolite, but he really is curious. He notices her short skirt. She is dressed very professionally but it's pushing the envelope, her low cut blouse is tempered by her sport coat, she is businesslike but has a hard edge of sensuality. "Oh Rusty, I want you to meet my Chief of Staff, Victoria Douglas. Vicki, this is Roscoe Tyler, Special Agent in charge. He's with the National Reconnaissance Office." Roscoe offers Vicki his hand and Vicki responds with a firm handshake. "N.R.O." Vicki says, "that's right, those guys who lost all that money.....4 billion or something. I hope you are better at finding killers than keeping track of a few billion in change." Tyler looks at Tanna with a surprised look on his face. His first encounter with this woman, and she makes him feel like a bumbling idiot."Victoria, are you always this nice to everyone or am I just special?" asks Rusty. "Hey, I'm a G-5 government employee, but I'm as outta joint over government waste and corruption as the guy on the street," Vicki blurts with conviction."Vicki ,come on in and show us what you've put together, I told Roscoe earlier we had a suspect list." Vicki bends over Bill's computer keyboard and inserts a CD-rom into his rom drive. Due to her low cut blouse Vicki's breasts are close to spilling out. Only her bra is restraining her ample top side, her clothes fit well, but in her bent over position each time she reaches over the computer the hem of her skirt rises up and comes close to revealing her perfectly round bottom. Tyler and Tanna are very amused and make eye contact behind Vicki's back. Suddenly an image comes up on the screen and Vicki returns to a standing position. She makes a quick little wiggle and her skirt falls back to its proper position. "OK, there we are. I've narrowed my suspect list down to three men from a possible fifteen. The first one you see here is, Randy Teal, a former shrimp boat captain out of Coral Springs, Florida. He was arrested for importing 50 million in cocaine which he hid in raw uncut lumber. He spent two years in a federal prison in Pensacola. He was released in 1992. He openly told police and others he would get back at law enforcement and the U.S. Government, and get this, he owns and flies helicopters. I have agents from Tampa tailing him. We also got a judge to give us the go ahead on wire taps.” "And behind door number two is Urnesto Guzman, a Venezuelan diplomat who heads up that country's drug activities. Guzman would have the contacts and the capital to pull of an extravagant operation like the one that killed our policemen, However he's very chummy with a number of elected officials, senators, congressmen, and the like, and I don't see him burning these bridges no matter how much U.S. officials cut into his drug dealings.” "Number three, Antonio Luis Diega, this is my choice for top suspect. He is incredibly successful, a multi-billionaire. He is into everything but his cash cow is cocaine. He was raised in Havana and later attended the University of Miami. We believe his father, who is deceased, was a close advisor to Fidel Castro and his brother Raul, who is Secretary of Defense and Chief to the Cuban Military. He spends a lot of time at an estate on the Isle of Joven, a Cuban protectorate just south of mainland Cuba. The estate was built in the 50's by a rich American casino owner, but when Castro took over the owner abandoned it. Diega has the clout, the cash, and the balls.""Sounds like you admire this guy," says Tyler sarcastically. "Well I guess in a way I do, I've been compiling a portfolio on him and 20 other high profile drug dealers for the last five years. They're my babies. "So, you think this guy could have planned the killings?" asks Bill. "No, he's smarter than that. He would bring in Russian, Cuban, or Israeli Intelligence Officials to plan and carry out his wishes. It's very possible that this guy is our duck." "Have you brought the D.E.A. in on this theory yet, they may have more background on this guy," questions Tyler."The D.E.A. doesn't even know this guy exists. Watch, I'll show you." Vicki sits down in Bills' chair and hammers on the keyboard of Bill's computer. " I have complete access to D.E.A. files, look, checking Antonio luis Diega or Companias del Cubana, Diega’s conglomerate, nothing.” The screen blinks with no listings found. "If they had a confidential eyes-only file we would get access denied - clearance required. The D.E.A. doesn't have a clue." "What about any of the Washington intel agencies?" Tanna asks Vicki. "Nope, I've been in all their actions and enforcement files and I haven't seen squat." " Lets bring in the D.E.A. and Coast Guard and show them what we've got," suggests Rusty. "What do you think Vicki?" "Bad move, the D.E.A. guys work both sides of the fence. They go undercover and they forget who their working for half the time. As far as the Coast Guard goes, someone over there is up to his eye brows in this." "So, what's our next step," Tyler asks. "I know what he likes, and I know what to use as bait," Vicki says with confidence.
"Oh yea, and what's that," Bills asks with anticipation.
"Girls who like girls."

Friday, June 22, 2007

EDGE of PARADISE Episode 7


Rita Rita

Margarita Florita Londado, the office girls called her Rita, was Juan Luis' secretary. Her second name, Florita, little flower, was very close to perfect but she preferred Rita. A very smart girl from a good Cuban family, her father sold cars before the revolution and her mother was a school teacher. She was raised more by her grandmother than anyone else. Rita wanted more than anything to be a part of the revolution so she took a job as secretary in the government services pool, a pool of secretaries that moved around in the huge office buildings of the new Cuban government. She worked in many different departments until she came to the departmento de planificacion y construccion, the Department of Planning and Construction which was just taken over by Juan Luis Diega.
Margarita was 22 years old when she started her job as assistant to the architect. She was tall, extraordinarily beautiful, and carried herself in a naturally sexy way. She learned to speak perfect Castillian Spanish and she never used slang or profanity.
Juan Luis found her completely irresistible. He loved his wife more than the air he breathed, and he never thought of leaving her or trading her away for Rita. He was just smitten by Rita and her sexually charged playfulness. Rita had no idea what effect she was having on Juan Luis or any of the other men around her. She was never told about men by her family and she just assumed all the men treated her nice because they were nice men. Everyday after work Rita stopped at a small store to buy an orange soda which she loved so much. The store had a few tables and chairs down in front of the counters. Local men would gather there for cafe cubano, or a beer, and a friendly game of dominoes.
The slapping of the dominoes down on the table could be heard outside, and the closer the game came to a conclusion the harder and louder the men became. After a few beers the men would practically scream and shout at each other. The second Rita walked in, the whole place came to a complete and abrupt stop. The men would take a few moments to watch Rita open her orange soda and put the bottle into her plush mouth and draw out the contents. Rita just liked the cold bubbly rush she got from the soda after a long day at work. She had no idea that she was part of a daily ritual that the local men looked forward to. In their minds Rita was exhibiting her expert abilities and her well honed talents. The muscles in their thighs and buttocks twitched and jumped involuntarily when Rita pulled the last of the orange soda from the bottle without leaving as much as a single drop of the orange gold. She placed the empty bottle in a rack by the door and stepped back out on the calle feeling refreshed. The domino game re-ignited again at its previously belligerent level.
Not long after Margarita began to work for Juan Luis she started to notice feelings she was developing for him. Rita had never had a real boyfriend, she was still at age 22 a virgin. Many of her friends from school were still virgins, it was until now something she rarely thought of, but Juan Luis was in her mind a lot now as the star in a new fantasy everyday. Rita was experiencing an awakening. She had never had daytime fantasies, especially of a married man. Somehow the vivid daydreams of Juan consumed Rita with a sexual fire. One day when no one was around she matter of factually went into Juan Luis' office sat on the front of his desk, propped up her left leg on his chair, reached under her dress and pulled her panties to one side giving Juan luis a view that instantly put him into a rage of passion. Juan jumped up from the desk, locked his door, pulled the blinds, and ripped Rita's hymen loose from its hinges. Juan later told Margarita, that was the single most exciting moment of his life.Rita moved away from Havana in the late 70's and immigrated to Miami. Her only son Andreas sends her money and she lives a very comfortable life with her American husband and beloved cocker spaniel Daisy."

Thursday, May 17, 2007

EDGE of PARADISE Episode 6



Antonio has just emerged from a long and gritty sex session with Luz Marie and Lucinda. He enjoys having sex with the girls in the afternoon. He found that they become indifferent most evenings because Luz Marie and Lucinda spend a lot of time together, and by late evening they already had satisfied themselves. Antonio walks from the bedroom with his shirt open and feet bare. He moves to the den which he has developed into a very sophisticated media center. Satellite T.V. systems, computers, fax machines, large screen T.V., and numerous smaller screens, all built into the modern decor. Antonio enjoys this room, it's his only connection with the outside world when he's on the Isle of Joven, otherwise it's a dreamy Caribbean island a million miles from nowhere. Except for the help there is no one within miles of the place, and besides, his security force patrols the entire perimeter of the estate keeping everyone out.
Antonio uses a remote to turn on the big screen T.V. A satellite news service is on. Antonio goes behind the beautiful built in bar to pour himself an aguardiente, a colorless drink made from pure cane sugar and lightly flavored with anise. Aguardiente is very popular in Colombia and Venezuela and it will leave you without a hang over if consumed in large quantities. Antonio fell in love with it many years ago while visiting Cali on business. Now his associates from Cartegena bring it to him when they travel to Cuba.
The news is being reported on T.V. and a reporter is filing his story. "Unnamed sources within the Justice Department have said a group, now known as the Hombres De Negocios have claimed responsibility for the execution style killings of six Miami police officers. The source further stated that eight U.S. Senators were implicated in a bribe scheme to protect drug trade routes from South America and the Caribbean into this country. We spoke with the offices of the Senators implicated and as of 4:00 pm Eastern time there has been no official response. No one seems to have heard of this group and it is suspected that they are a new cartel of drug exporters who have declared war so to speak on some U.S. law enforcement agencies. We have seen this type of violent action in South America for years, and it looks as if now it may have reached the shores of this country. John Savino S.N.N."
Andreas enters the room just as the report is ending. Antonio turns the volume down with his remote control. Andreas, a half-brother and best friend to Antonio, is also his right hand man and business advisor. Andreas and Antonio didn't know they were brothers until they were in their early teens. Antonio is two years older than Andreas. Andrea's mother Margarita was Juan luis Diega's secretary. She worked for Andreas and Antonio's father when he was designing public facilities for Castro. They had an affair and she became pregnant with Andreas. Antonio and his mother lived on the outskirts of Havana in a very modern apartment building during this time and Antonio's mother never knew her husband had a mistress and a child.
In Cuba, and many other parts of Latin America, mistresses are common and usually the wife is well aware of her husband's forays. The culture has a built-in tolerance for infidelity of the husband, but the same behavior on the part of the wife would result in a fate worse than death. Public and family ostracizing, which would result in poverty and ultimately destitution. The fore knowledge of such pending disaster keeps the women for the most part committed to their husbands and tending chores and family at home. Money is power and the Latin men have the money, and they have the power.
Antonio's mother had no choice but to accept the fact her husband had another family across town. It did take twelve years for Antonio's father to tell his wife and son the dark secret he held for so long. Antonio and Andreas, skeptical at first of each other, had become fast friends and spent many years as children running wild through the streets of Havana as privileged sons of a high ranking Cuban official. Juan Luis lost interest in his secretary a few years after Andreas was born and rarely saw her. They communicated through Andreas who moved freely between his mother and father's home. Even Antonio's mother became fond of Andreas after a while. She finally accepted Andreas as a unique person rather than thinking of him as the fruit of Juan Luis' affair with his beautiful secretary.

Monday, April 16, 2007

EDGE of PARADISE Episode 5

End of Message

The Federal Building in downtown Miami has become media haunt of the moment. Satellite up-link trucks line the street for blocks, and news crews from every major network and big market local station crowd the main entrance to the Federal Building. Officers assigned to building security are doing a fairly good job of controlling the anxious crowd of reporters. But the news dogs need meat; up till now no one has made a statement official or otherwise. Julio Suarez has been interviewed 15 times so far and has refused to talk anymore, claiming he has been exhausted from the onslaught, citing the questions were growing increasingly frivolous in nature.

Inside a large conference room five floors above the melee outside the building's front door, a group of men and women are milling around a 20-foot long conference table. A T.V. monitor is on at the head of the room, and everyone is in the midst of a sort of coffee induction mode as they stare at the T.V. screen. One man is looking out the window at the news media down below on the ground, schooling like a hoard of hammerheads.
The newscasters on T.V. are showing footage of the shot-up burned police cars left by terrorists on I-95 yesterday morning and the white crosses that were found on the Federal Building's lawn earlier in the day.
An agent walks into the conference room escorted by two other agents. All the agents are dressed in dark blue business suits and have their gold badges hanging from their coat pockets. The men are well groomed executive types in their mid to late 30's. The largest of the three steps to the head of the table. William Tanna, Department Chief of the Miami Region of the Justice Department, is familiar to almost everyone in the small group. "Most of you already know me. For those of you who don't, you will. I'm Bill Tanna, Department Chief, Miami Office D.O.J. I have with me the man we've been waiting for. This is Special Liaison, Agent Roscoe Tyler, he has been appointed by the President and just arrived via Arlington 20 minutes ago at M.I.A. Mr. Tyler works out of the office of Special Affairs for the National Reconnaissance Office in Washington D.C. Mr. Tyler,"
"Thanks Bill; now that we got all that out of the way, and I must say if that title gets any longer I'll need two business cards." Everyone around the table chuckles in a release of nervous tension. "As you all know, Washington is just as startled with these killings down here as you are. The ramifications are far reaching. I spoke with the President this morning and he assured me that the White House would make all of its resources available to the N.R.O. and any other appropriate agencies. I understand there was a CD-ROM found this morning that claims responsibility for the killings."
A man seated at the long table opens a file folder. "I have it here. Charles Wesson, U.S. Marshals office, sir. We haven't reviewed it as yet."
"Mr. Wesson, I'll take that, and it will be held as evidence under the National Security and Anti-Terrorist Act." Roscoe Tyler has always been quick with the legal citations and federal statutes, he has used them for years as an instrument of fear and intimidation; they have served him well. He would be the first to admit that sometimes he didn't know what the hell he was talking about, but if he could make it sound good and put enough conviction and authority into his big booming voice all but the best lawyers would believe him. Roscoe had studied law and intended to become a lawyer until he fell in love with the intelligence game. Tyler found little competition in the information gathering arena, unlike law which seemed to seethe with an ever growing population of bacterial-like law graduates. "Are we looking at this as a violation of national security?" ask one of the men seated further down the table. "Yes, for now. Witnesses claim helicopters with military- looking markings carrying men dressed in military style uniforms came from over the Atlantic and returned in that direction. We are following that lead right now, through our office in Washington as well as the National Security Agency. We're hoping some of our eyes-in-the-sky can help us in identifying those helicopters. I need to get on the phone to Washington. My assistant, Mr. Carson, the man standing here to my right, will brief you regularly on all developments - if you hear anything, no matter how insignificant, let us know. Good luck to all of you."
All the staffers and department heads are leaving the conference room except for Bill Tanna and Roscoe Tyler ,who are gathering briefs and Tyler's carry-on luggage. "Bill, do you have an office where I can set-up shop while I'm here in Miami?" asks Tyler. "I'm one step ahead of you Rusty; after you". Bill motions for Tyler to go before him through the door. Tyler and Bill Tanna walk down a long hall to a well equipped office with windows and a nice view of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay beyond the cluster of high rise towers. "You know, Bill, no one has called me Rusty in years, not since our stint with Air Force intel." "That was a few years back," admits Bill. "Yea, I know, can you believe it. Bill, close the door and let's take a look at what we've got. I was supposed to call the Chief back at the office in Arlington 30 minutes ago." Bill closes the door and walks over behind the computer screen. Tyler has already loaded the CD-rom and started it. A man dressed in a gray designer suit is seated against a blue backdrop. A well-made sign hanging from the backdrop reads... Hombres De Negocios. The man has a black satin hood that covers his face. The eyes and mouth are cut out like a ski mask. The seams are stitched giving the whole mask a finished look. The whole setting looks like a well designed T.V. set. It's immediately evident that a great deal of thought, time, and money has gone into the production of what is about to play. The man begins to speak with his voice electronically altered. "Senors and Senoras, I represent certain business interests who trade in commodities all over the world. We have established that a number of U.S. politicians are currently engaged in the seizure and sale of our commodities, effectively cutting into our markets. Needless to say, we consider this to be robbery and theft.""Why don't these assholes ever call it coke; it is always a commodity or product," Bill asks.An icon blinks on the screen. Tyler directs the mouse over the icon and clicks. Photographs and names come up of eight U.S. Senators. Tyler clicks the mouse again over one of the photos. The face of a Senator. Black and white surveillance video runs showing a Senator accepting a briefcase from a man standing near a car in a deserted location.The program automatically returns to the hooded man. "We are offering a reward of $250,000 dollars for the uniform of every dead police officer, surrendered to us, until such time as the U.S. Government and its officials curtail the piracy of our commodities upon the high seas. We consider the actions of these officials extremely irresponsible. We have had no choice but to take actions which we hope will send a clear and exemplary message to those who would consider perpetrating such treachery against the Hombres De Negocios in the future." A graphic and logo appear on the screen along with the words .....end of message.

Monday, March 26, 2007

EDGE of PARADISE Episode 4

Castro's Cuba

Gibardi's life came crashing down around him when Fidel Castro marched into Havana and took control of the government establishing his revolutionary army and political machinery. Sam Gibardi escaped Cuba with his family and his life, nothing else.
His entire fortune was nationalized by the Castro regime. The estate and Casa's Del Joven was used by Castro's government leaders as a retreat for a few years until it fell into regrettable disrepair. Juan luis Diega, the architect who built and designed the estate, was drafted by the revolutionary army to design schools and hospitals for Castro's redevelopment plans. It was widely known that Diega and Castro became good friends until 1991 when Diega disappeared.
Today the estate has been restored to all of its former glory and then some by its current resident, Antonio Diega, the son of Juan Luis. Antonio, an international businessman, acquired the home after guaranteeing and backing new development plans for the island and its 6000 plus residents.
Antonio has gathered with his guests in the pool room just as his predecessor Sam Gibardi always did. The view of the pool and the surrounding Caribbean is unsurpassed and makes for a surreal backdrop. Antonio is with two very well dressed men and in the back of the room are two Latina girls looking to be in their mid to late 20's. The girls are both wearing stylish but revealing swimwear. They have sprawled themselves across a large couch, sitting very un-lady like and looking very bored, totally uninterested in Antonio's two guests.
Commander Rasheed stands and takes a Cuban coffee from Antonio. The thick black coffee is a staple in Cuban life, a treat many Cubans look forward to throughout the day. Rasheed looks to his partner, Commander Alexsad. "Mr. Diega's father built this estate for a prominent casino owner in the 50's, and later he became a trusted advisor to Fidel and his brother. The mysterious disappearance of his father in 1991 has lead Mr. Diega to believe his father was disappeared by the "Say-Ah".
"Say-Ah?"" asks Alexsad quizzically. U.S. Central Intelligence, C.I.A. they call it Say-Ah here in Cuba." "That is correct," comments Antonio, "I must say you have certainly done your homework, Commander." Antonio holds his hand up, "One minute please." Antonio looks at the two girls. They both get up and leave, but not without a silent protest. They are making faces of impatience like children who are ready to go out and play.
Antonio returns his attention to his guests. "Gentlemen, I am very pleased to hear that our mission went so well and totally according to plan. I must say, rarely do I see such precision. It's impressive."
The two men seem appreciative. "As you know we are former Israeli strategic planners for the Israeli military air command," Rasheed says with obvious pride. "So our clients benefit greatly from our experience, Mr. Diega.""Please call me Antonio, Commander Rasheed ""Very well. I think we have taken the Americans' drug war and put it right up their ass."
Antonio, Rasheed and Alexsad hold their coffee cups up and clink the small demi-tasse cups together in a salute. Antonio has a broad smile upon his face, it's clear he is proud of this moment.
Commander Alexsad places a folder on the table before him. "Antonio, we have reviewed your request for the next mission it is very original, extremely original, but it will be enormously expensive. I'm concerned with the costs.""Cuanto? Commander, I mean how much?" asks Antonio slipping from Spanish to English, a slip he makes when excited or angered. " Twenty-five maybe Thirty,” answers Alexsad. "You see that large tablet on that pedestal over there" barks Antonio. The commanders acknowledge his question. "That's a hand written religious manuscript, written by a 14th century monk which probably took his entire lifetime to complete. It was taken from a bombed out monastery in Northern Spain during the Second World War. I paid 51 million for it. Senors, I did 1.3 billion in sales last year, and I expect to do 30% more business this year. The point I want to make is 25 or 30 million is meaningless to me. However, I'm not in the habit of throwing perfectly good money away. Therefore, I will instruct my accountants to review your cost projections. A 100% markup will be acceptable. I think you will find I can be quite generous, gentlemen.""Mr. Diega, we are very much aware of your resources and capabilities," replies Rasheed. "Please keep in mind that it's in our best interest to know as much as we can about a potential client. One of the things we are most curious about is a client's ability to see a project through. Not only to protect our global reputation, but as a precautionary measure for the client as well."
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap. I'm so inundated with incompetent help that I jump off on people as standard course. Cubans today are thought of, in general, as poor poverty stricken peasants living in hovels, or refugees fighting sharks and currents out at sea in a rubber inner tube. I'm always dealing with those images which are sent out to the entire world everyday. Look around you and you can see that I am not that kind of Cuban."
Antonio places an attractive leather briefcase on the coffee table in front of Commanders Rasheed and Alexsad. Commander Rasheed pops the latches on the front of the briefcase and opens the lid. The case is filled with small credit Suisse platinum bars, 1120 ounces to be exact. "See guys, I told you I could be generous. My way of saying a job well done. Now, I'm very late for my next appointment. I'll have Andreas show you to your car. " Antonio steps from the pool room and walks down a hall and up a short staircase to a room where the door is cracked open. The two Latina girls, Luz Marie and Lucinda are laughing inside and Antonio can hear them through the crack in the door. Antonio slowly opens the door, and he can see the two young women have removed their cover-ups revealing their young taunt bodies, sporting bikinis. Antonio can see that Luz Marie and Lucinda are engaged in obvious lesbian love making. Antonio knocks at the now already open door. "Ah Mi, lesbianas," he sighs.