Saturday, September 22, 2007

EDGE of PARADISE Episode 9



Tyler is really curious now, "girls who like girls? You mean lesbians?" "Yea Exactly, clam bumpers, lappers, smackers, camel toe jockeys,” Vicki exclaims. “ I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body," claims Bill with a smile. Vicki and Tyler just look at Bill. "Get it?" asks Bill. "I've spoken to hotel concierge and bartenders that have been asked by Diega to recruit lesbians for his parties over on South Beach. Apparently this guys likes lipstick lesbians, I mean really likes them, and he has an insatiable sexual appetite." "Ok," Tyler says in his best administrative voice. "Let's meet back here, what?...tomorrow first thing. Will that give you enough time miss? Mrs....Ms...." Vicki can see Tyler is struggling with the appropriate prefix. "Ms. Douglas," Vicki, snaps. "That's fine, everything is on my hard drive. I can be ready by then. The side streets running adjacent to Ocean Drive are home to an eccentric jumble of upper tier clothing stores and mom and pop cafes. Also within this neighborhood reside small private hotels where the old and newly immigrated dwell. The well maintained art deco era hotels add color, not only from their bright pastel paint work and neon trim, but also from their residents. Every color, creed and religion have adopted the old hotels as their home. Vicki Douglas is seated at a small table just out front of Don Veracruz, a trendy bistro just off Washington Avenue, one block West of Ocean Drive. Vicki is chatting with an attractive blonde. Donna Meyer is having a cafe con leche, a Cuban standby made with rich cafe cubano and steamed milk. Donna puts five sugar cubes into the mix for a sugar buzz. Vicki drinks her cafe con leche straight. Donna is close to Vicki's age and is a classic blue- eyed blonde beach bunny, from La Jolla, California who moved to Miami six years ago as a Junior Investigator at the Justice Department. "Donna, we've been up to our asses in alligators over at the U.S. Attorney's office. How's old Bill Tanna anyway?,” Donna asked. "That Dog," Vicki laughs, "he's Bill, of all people you should know, Donna." " I should, I worked for him long enough and then we had that thing.""That's why you left isn't it?” Vicki pried. "Mostly, I guess, I'd hoped Bill and I were going somewhere, but he turned out to be another asshole in a long line of assholes." "So, how's things over at the F.T.C.?" Vicki asks, changing the subject. "Nice and quiet, just attorneys and white collar perps." "You know the cops that were killed?" Vicki puts her hand on Donnas' arm as she asked the question. "Yea, isn't it terrible." "It's my case, and tomorrow I'm presenting an undercover op to Bill and some hot shot from the N.R.O."
"N.R.O. what the hell is that?" Donna quizzes. "National Reconnaissance Office. They control all the spy satellites and U.S. Global communication and surveillance equipment. They're very powerful and have extensive resources including access to the President." "Do they think there's been a National Security breech?" Donna asks as she moves to the edge of her seat. "Actually they do. I don't. I think its a Cuban drug dealer I've been compiling data on for years. The killers left a CD-ROM behind and among other things it demands that law enforcement stay out of the drug selling business. It seems some corrupt senators were taking money for protecting drug routes into this area, and some ambitious Coast Guard and D.E.A. officials were boarding drug boats, confiscating the coke, and reselling it. All the while the Senators were covering the tracks. Double-dipping....greedy bastards."
"Wow! Vicki, no wonder all of Washington has come down to Miami, and this is your case. Wow." Donna shakes her fingers on her right hand in a gesture she picked up from her Latin friends that means holy moley in body language. "Donna, I know I can catch this guy, but I need your help." "I haven't worked undercover for a couple of years, girl." "I know, but we can stop this duck before he kills again." "Can you clear it with my boss? "Done," Vicki snaps. "OK, I guess I'm in, what's the plan?" Donna asks. Vicki's eyes light-up, "Remember General Norolla?" "Oh no-not another one of them." "Yes - meet me in my office in the morning and we'll go over the file. I've got to get back." Vicki grabs Donna's hand in a long hand shake. "Thank you, Donna - I know this could be awkward for you."


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